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Hi, I am Bill. I am a dreamer, runner, husband, father, cyclist and bad guitar player. Lured into photography by my creative side during my high schools days and then though college I have been enjoying the ride ever since. 

People often ask me "Where outdoors do you like to take your photos?" and my reply is "Where the light is best." So you might call me a light reader (silly pun intended!), because that is the most important step to a beautiful image. The other much needed talent in this business gaining the trust from my subjects so they can be calmly directed into the pose or a reaction that makes them look their best. 

If you are under the age of forty, there is a good chance I will call you dude. I will overuse the word actually.  But I also promise to never refer to your photography package as an “investment" or  tell you how photography is my passion. We try to keep it real over here.